Pina "Mitra Serie" Polyester Sand Filters

(Including 6 ways valves, without sand)

Produced by fiberglass reinforced polyester. Lid on top. Side mount. The filter is tested under 3,0 kg/cm2. Working pressure is 1,0-1,5 kg/cm2. Velocity is app. 50 m3/h/m2



  • Power 12V
  • Cable 1,5m
Product code Diameter Flow Sand Connections
AAA11 (With valve)
AAA23 (Without valve)
450 mm 8 m3/h 100 Kg 50 mm
AAA01 (With valve)
AAA22 (Without valve)
600 mm 13 m3/h 150 kg 50 mm
AAA31 (With valve)
AAA26 (Without valve)
760 mm 22 m3/h 300 kg 63 mm
AAA04 (With valve)
AAA25 (Without valve)
900 mm 30 m3/h 500 kg 63mm

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